UK is the top social media consuming country in Europe

According to figures from comScore, the United Kingdom was the top social media consumer in Europe during August, with 25 million unique visitors using social media sites (equivalent to 78 percent of the UK’s online population). The Europe-wide social media user figures are 127 million unique visitors in August (56 percent of the EU’s total number of Internet users).

Users in the UK also spent more time (5.8 hours averaged per visitor) on these sites, nearly double the European average of three hours.

Bob Ivins, comScore’s executive VP of international markets, said: “[…] about 80 per cent of all online activity at social networking sites can be attributed to only 20 per cent of visitors.” comScore’s study showed that a user from this 20 per cent group (the “power users”) accessed about 3000 social media site pages in August, averaged 22 hours on their favorite site, and made 71 visits to various social media sites during the month.

One thought on “UK is the top social media consuming country in Europe

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