Definition of Web 3.0 by Nova Spivack

20071005a.png Nova Spivack’s “best official” definition of Web 3.0 was posted today in response to Jason Calacanis’ “official” definition of Web 3.0. You can also read Tim O’Reilly’s reply to Nova’s Web 3.0 definition. The picture on the right is Nova’s graph of the current and envisaged evolution of the Web (with versions).

As you may know, Nova and his company Radar Networks are “building a broadly consumer-facing application of the semantic web centered around collective intelligence and knowledge networking, a new online service that helps people organize, share and find information” (Josh Dilworth). On October 19th at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Nova Spivack will demonstrate Radar’s semantic web application in public for the first time, coinciding with a phased entry private beta.

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