Baagz semantic search and social networking combo

20071004a.png Via Computerworld, I’ve been reading up on a forthcoming social semantic website called Baagz. As presented recently at DEMOfall, Baagz is a new service from French company Exalead that aims to bring together semantic search and social networking.

How does it work? Users gather their interests into a bag (called a Baag, hence the plural Baagz), and they can then search for other people whose “Baagz” have similar content items. The site also has a push mechanism as it will send alerts to users based on their interests.

Finding related users based on their interests (via their tags) is also a functional aim of NUI Galway / SNU’s website, but (by all reports) BAAGZ also operates as a social network for creating areas around such interests.

One thought on “Baagz semantic search and social networking combo

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