Nintendo Contract Employee Fired Over Blog That Was “Not Work Appropriate”

20070927a.jpg Jessica Zenner, an employee of Parker Services (a technical recruitment contractor for Nintendo) was fired on the 31st of August by her employer following concerns expressed by Nintendo about posts on her blog “Inexcusable Behavior“.

On the blog, where she talks about herself, her friends and co-workers (none of whom are mentioned by name), Zenner used the identity “Jessica Carr” but did not explicitly refer to her employers. The entries leading up to the firing have since been removed from the site, and there have been many requests to have the archives restored (one of the original posts is quoted at

A comment on her blog by Orin O’Neill is extremely critical of Nintendo and the move:

Having survived five years at Nintendo, and having looked at your blog, while I could see no reason for them to fire you because of the blog, I’m not surprised because Nintendo is a top-heavy, bureaucratic organization populated by humorless, grumpy old geezers. That it remains in business is truly remarkable, especially given how completely out of touch it seemed to be with the market it was trying to reach.

The firing follows on from the recent dismissal of Paris-based Catherine Sanderson, AKA “La Petite Anglaise“, from accountancy firm Dixon Wilson for “gross misconduct”.

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