Sun launches SNS to help reduce other’s environmental footprint

20070926a.png Sun has launched a social (and organisational) networking service called, which is aimed at helping companies and organisations to improve their environmental footprint through best practice sharing.

The site was launched at a New York event attended by members of the Carbon Disclosure Project, and a presentation was given by former US President Bill Clinton.

Normally, organisations must calculate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with custom or proprietary tools, requiring significant internal resources or external consultancy. Now, GHG data can be created and shared using‘s “free, open and secure online tools for visualizing and managing carbon footprints”, enabling organisations to benchmark against each other, to set achievable footprint reduction goals, and to share best practices to reach these goals.

Dave Douglas, Sun’s vice-president for eco-responsibility, linked Sun’s history of community building with the new social networking service:

Working together drives progress faster than working alone. Sun was built on the philosophy of openness and building communities to solve problems, which we’re now applying to the environment. When we share, sustainable business can be more attainable – and prosperous – for everyone.

One thought on “Sun launches SNS to help reduce other’s environmental footprint

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