Skyrock blasts away the social networking competition in France

20070914a.png French site “Skyrock Network” has lived up to its name and held onto its place at the number one spot in France’s list of top social networking sites, based on recent statistics from ComScore gathered since the start of 2007.

The site, which currently has over 9 million total unique visitors a month, has had a moderate 1/6th increase in visitors between January and July 2007.

Second-placed Windows Live Spaces, with 5.7 million visitors, has been losing visitors over the same time frame, dropping by about 6%.

Blogger from Google, in third, also increased by a 1/6th, with 4 million visitors in July.

Relative to their placings in January, and Facebook both increased their numbers of French visitors substantially, with up by 725% (from 60,000 to 495,000 visitors) and Facebook increasing by 642% (from 45,000 to 331,000 visitors).

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