Call opens for BlogTalk 2008, the social software conference

BlogTalk 2008, the 5th International Conference on Social Software, has today published its call for proposals for the event which will be held in Cork, Ireland on the 3rd and 4th of March next year.


The event is being chaired / co-chaired by Thomas N. Burg, founder of BlogTalk and a social software expert, Jan Schmidt, co-organiser of the previous BlogTalk event and now a senior researcher at the Hans Bredow Institute, yours truly, and Tom Raftery, social media consultant, blogger and podcaster.

BlogTalk 2008 will be of interest to developers, practitioners and academics, and aims to provide a cross-disciplinary forum for the discussion of social software ideas, visions, prototypes and use cases.

Previous events in the series were BlogTalk Vienna, BlogTalk 2.0, BlogTalk Down Under, and BlogTalk Reloaded, and featured prominent speakers such as David Weinberger, Rebecca Blood, Mark Bernstein, Mena and Ben Trott, Matt Mullenweg, Suw Charman and Danah Boyd.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, send an e-mail to

2 thoughts on “Call opens for BlogTalk 2008, the social software conference

  1. John, just for the record: I will not start at the Hans-Bredow-Institute before Nov. 15th.. ;-)) But I’m looking forward to the organization and the conference itself, it is going to be great I’m sure.


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