Facebook’s UK visitor count jumps by 366% in six months

The social networking site Facebook increased its total unique visitors in the UK by 366% in the six months from January 2007 to July 2007, according to figures from ComScore. During the same timeframe, the other top 10 social media sites operating in the UK increased their numbers of unique visitors by between 25 and 63%.


The figures show that the popular US site Facebook had 7.6 million UK visitors in July, compared with 1.6 million in January. Bebo‘s visitors increased by 63%, MySpace‘s by 25% and Google’s Blogger property showed an increase of 30% during this period.

Other fast growers (with over 75% increases) in the top 100 UK social media sites during this period include Gottabet (up by 1539%), Fanpop (up 595%), AGLOCO (442%), Zimbio (387%), OUOU (322%), Technorati (203%), Gaia Online (177%), MOG (172%), IMEEM (131%), LinkedIn (123%), SoundPedia (106%), Buzznet (103%), boards.ie (87%), del.icio.us (84%), orkut (83%), WeWin (79%), and Roiworld (77%), and Multiply (75%).

(Thanks to Damien Mulley for his help with the figures.)

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