EC Announces €10 Million Fund for Accelerating Web Entrepreneurship at Recent Eurapp Workshop

Representatives from the European Commission announced details of a €10M fund for accelerating web entrepreneurship in the European Union at a recent Eurapp app economy workshop in Berlin. The €10M fund is being put in place to help interlink and grow various web entrepreneurship ecosystems across the EU, with a focus on starting up and scaling up web companies.


It's Not What They're Seeking, It's What They're Hiding

As I said before in another context, what’s wrong with what’s been going on at the National Security Agency (NSA) “is not the spying, it’s the lying.”

Spy agencies are supposed to spy, but within the rules laid out for them by the US Congress. They are not allowed to lie to Congress or to Congress’ mandated overseers like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Nor, it should be said, are the NSA, The White House or leaders of the Congress allowed to lie to the American people about what they’ve learned about law-breaking activities in the name of national security.

When lies like this become routine, the bond of trust between citizen and government breaks down and democracy dies with it.


Gilt Invites Irish Web Community to Participate in Free Tech Courses

While we often associate the burgeoning ICT sector in Ireland with the big corporate names like Google and Facebook, we must also remember that there is an ecosystem of players ranging from multinationals and startups to consultancy firms and research centres, providing synergies and exchanging skills, knowledge and talent. One such effort is a series of tech courses from premier online fashion retailer the Gilt Groupe, the next of which is an introduction to the Hadoop platform on November 18.


Ireland’s Technology Women: Yet Another Talented 38

This post is brought to you by the girls and women initiative of Intel, Sponsors of Tomorrow™ and the world leader in silicon innovation.


Deciphering the Semantic Web [VIDEO]

What is the Semantic Web? Technology Voice recently interviewed some leading Semantic Web researchers with both academic and industrial experience to find out what it is, why it is needed, and what are the exciting applications of semantic technologies.

The results of these interviews are captured in our exclusive 44-minute video, "Deciphering the Semantic Web".

Written and produced by Tom Murphy. Produced and directed by Julie Letierce.


Sociometrics Solutions — Data for a Productive and Creative Workplace

It is an odd thing that such dynamic creatures such as ourselves can live in such rigid worlds. We have the energy to create great things and there seems no end to the variety and means of our self-expression but so often we confine our way of being in the world to systemised routines, familiar modes of operation and the conformity borne of the unthinking use of traditional methods.

The creation of highly predictable processes, largely comprised by the reduction of statistical variability to as near zero as possible, has created the modern world we see around us. But while this is the optimal way to work with repetitive production methods, it may not be the optimal way for humans to work.


It's Not the Spying, It's the Lying

Does anyone deny that the inherent vulnerability of all forms of digital communication to archiving and data mining is of significant value to governments seeking to secure themselves against their enemies?

Given that, why shouldn’t governments exploit this vulnerability to identify, track down and defeat those enemies?

Of course, in a democracy, “those enemies” should never include the people.

To the contrary, in American democracy government is meant always to be, as President Abraham Lincoln put it in his Gettysburg Address: “of the people, by the people, for the people.”


Maxis senior producer Kip Katsarelis talks SimCity

Image via Wikipedia.

With complex simulations delivered by the GlassBox engine SimCIty 2013 goes deeper than ever before but Maxis senior producer Kip Katsarelis demonstrates that the core experience - and passion it inspires - remains the same.

It’s hard to believe that 11 years have passed since SimCity 4 was released. Fans have been waiting for SimCity 2013 (or SimCity 5, or just SimCity because it’s a reboot rather than a new version) for the past year but Katsarelis and co. have been working hard on its development for the last three and a half years.

“We were working on other games like Spore but SimCity is in our DNA; there was always ‘the next SimCity idea’ floating around the office but this particular one took hold,” he explains.


To EXPLORE staff-student collaborations, to seek out new ideas and new innovations

How does a university promote collaborations between students and staff to stimulate innovation? In a joint effort between the Vice President for Innovation and Performance at NUI Galway and the NUI Galway Students' Union, the EXPLORE Innovation Initiative at NUI Galway has funded 38 student-staff projects since it began in January 2012. The projects each receive €1000 of funding from the initiative to deliver innovation that will benefit the university or the wider community in the area. Some of these projects include creating a locator app for cardiac defibrillators (AEDs) in the west of Ireland, building bilingual video-based teaching aids for school students, running a regular student-entrepreneur technology meetup in Galway City, and many more.


"Multiplicity" Meets "The Matrix": Mind Uploading and Forking in the Cloud (Part 1)

In their book "Rapture of the Nerds", award-winning science fiction writers Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross have imagined a future whereby anyone can be uploaded to the cloud if they tire of their "meat body" existence. It ties in to the notion of the "singularity", and the eventual advancement and convergence of technology to the point that we can simply upload a complete copy of our consciousness to a computer if we so desire. The technological singularity has been gaining mainstream attention for more than a decade, but the idea of humans moving into virtual realms has its conceptual roots in culture and literature spanning back centuries.


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