Basis: A Health and Heart-Rate Watch for Wellness and Fitness

Promoted as a health tracker where style finally meets substance, the Basis fitness watch combines a motion tracker with a real-time heart-rate monitor to create a tracking tool that promises to help you make healthier choices.

One of the many challenges with fitness technology in the past was that to gather different types of information, a person needed to wear different devices. The Basis watch claims to fix that challenge by combining the popular tracking of movement through steps with a strapless heart-rate sensor. The multi-sensor band combined with the online personal dashboard was designed to help people incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives.


Irish Company's Kickstarter Campaign to "Sling" Cheap Landline Calls to Your Mobile Phone

For anyone who has travelled and encountered exorbitant roaming charges on their mobile phone, the idea that you could magically tap into the cheap calls already bundled into the landline package you are paying for at home may seem dreamy. An Irish company is creating a device to do just that: it's called CleverCall.

CleverCall is the brainchild of Ronan Murphy, whom I've met a number of times over the past two or three years. The idea of CleverCall has intrigued me since I first heard about it - bridging landline and mobile phones - but the roaming element has moved it from a nice-to-have system in your home, to a great-to-have system for when you are traveling.


Reviewed: Samsung Galaxy S4

There was a point in the late nineties when the shrinking size of mobile phones no longer served as a mark of innovation but pointed towards a bare bones phone that couldn’t serve up those cool WAP webpages. As we head in the other direction some are beginning to debate how big is too big. On paper the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen sounds a bit oversized at 5-inches but in reality it works just fine. Besides, it’s noticeably lighter (3g) and thinner (.7mm) than its predecessor and the screen size is the least innovative aspect of this feature-packed smartphone.


Before we get to the new additions of Smart Scroll and Air Gesture we’ll take a look at the Super AMOLED display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. For comparison the S3 has a resolution of 720 x 1280 and the iPhone 5 has 1136 x 640 on a 4-inch screen. So it’s big and it displays deep, vivid colours.


Can We Have One Raspberry Pi Per Child Please? [REVIEW]

Although it is just slightly over a year since the Raspberry Pi low-cost single-board computer first made its public debut (when an alpha version of the board was shown running the Quake 3 game and playing full HD video), five thousand news articles and 30 million Google results later, tens of thousands of Raspberry Pis have been shipped around the globe. It's not alone: the MK802 (which we will be reviewing shortly), CuBox and Cotton Candy are part of a wave of mini computers that are putting low-cost computing into family living rooms and student dorms.

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