Huffington Post CEO Talks About Online Video

In this audio transcription of an interview that took place at the 2013 Dublin Web Summit in Dublin Fergal Gallagher speaks to the CEO of The Huffington Post, Jimmy Maymann, about the increasing importance of online video. The original recording can be found at the bottom of the page.

(Please note that the DWS was a very crowded event and parts of the original audio interview were subsumed by the noise of background activity.)

Fergal Gallagher: What are the trends emerging in digital media [and] with the Huffington Post in particular?


De-Risking for Startups

It is widely known that starting a business is a risky undertaking and carries a high risk of failure. So it is worthwhile considering why this is the case. Studies have shown that many mistakes made at the early development stage were avoidable.

The trouble with startups is that they cannot afford this “learn-as-we-go” approach, so the question is how to avoid costly mistakes? Starting a business unprepared is a fairly chaotic affair and the better option to chaos is structure. One approach is to follow a structured business startup process that will develop the business from the initial idea through each step until it is ready for customers and investors (as we do at New Frontiers).


Irish Students: Go On, Create the Next Billion-Dollar Startup

Ireland’s entrepreneurial students aiming to be the next Collison, Zuckerberg, Brin or Page will gather in University College Cork (UCC) this weekend for the country’s first “Irish Student Startup Weekend”, kicking off on the evening of March 28th in UCC’s Western Gateway Building.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour high-octane event during which ten teams are formed around pitched startup ideas, resulting in a prototype being produced by each team for judging at the end of the event. The Irish Student Startup Weekend is specifically targeted at college students interested in creating the next big thing, and aims to draw attendees from both Ireland and abroad.


Galway Features in Top 25 European Cities of the Future, Ranked as #1 Micro European City

Along with Dublin and Cork, Galway has featured on the “Top 25 European Cities of the Future” list in fDi Intelligence’s study of the most promising investment locations in Europe. fDi Intelligence is a publication of the Financial Times Ltd., and publishes a yearly ranking of the best investment locations in Europe. Galway was also ranked at the top of the list of "Micro European Cities".

Ireland features prominently in the overall list of top cities with three entries: Dublin at #5, Cork at #24 and Galway at #25. Just 10 countries feature on the list of top cities, with the UK having the most cities (8), followed by the Netherlands (4), Ireland (3) and France (3).


RTÉ’s Dragon Part of Startup Dream Team Launching an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Galway

RTÉ Dragon and outgoing SVP of Cisco Systems Barry O’Sullivan, John Breslin of NUI Galway and co-founder of, John Brosnan, CEO and founder of Netfort Technologies and Michael FitzGerald, CEO and founder of OnePageCRM have come together to create Startup Galway.

Startup Galway aims to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Galway, and this Thursday December 19 in McSwiggan’s at 8 PM its first guest is Pat Phelan, CEO and founder of Trustev, this week named as one of Forbes Magazine's 7 Hottest Global Startups of 2013.


The Secret to Getting Others to Cheer for You

My younger brother was the nicest guy one could ever meet. Everyone loved him. He was a good listener and after he heard what someone was up to, had a phrase that he always repeated. The phrase was, “I’m so happy for you, man.”

It could have been a new car, a new girlfriend, a new job or winning the lottery, his response was always the same, “I’m so happy for you, man.” The thing was, he was always happy with others' success. He cheered for others, so others cheered for him. He was one of those rare people who did not suffer from Schadenfreude.


Why Did Jeff Bezos Buy the Washington Post?

Last week many mourned an end of an era, as the Graham family sold the Washington Post to Jeff Bezos, owner of, for somewhere in the region of $250 million. For the mourners it signalled the end of a golden age in American journalism, during which the paper’s stories managed to bring down a sitting president (the Washington Post’s Woodward and Bernstein’s coverage of the Watergate scandal is forever immortalised in the movie "All the President's Men").


Seeking Innovative Ideas to Create More Opportunities in the EU App Economy

Solver competition to tackle key issues around funding and scaling-up in the EU app economy and dealing with EU-wide market conditions (flickr/liquidx)


C-Level Cloud Executives Converge on London for #structureeurope Summit

GigaOM is having its second annual Structure:Europe conference on the 18th and 19th of September in London. The conference features many C-level executives from top cloud computing companies, with a focus this year on federated cloud, data centres, mobile operators, privacy and trust, and open data. Some of the technologists and business leaders that will be speaking at Structure:Europe include: Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of YouSendIt; Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO of Ericsson; and Barak Regev, Head of EMEA Cloud Platform Products with Google. We are also happy to announce that we have a 25% discount on registration for Technology Voice readers.


Touchstore - Expanding and Dreaming Big

In his latest book “To Sell is Human” Daniel Pink claims that, jointly in the United States, the educational and medical sectors (he refers to them as ed-med) have created more “new jobs in the last decade than all the other sectors combined.” Reflecting this trend in Ireland is Limerick based Touchstore.

It started off in 2000 by giving retail chemists reports on what their best selling items were as well as other valuable items of information. By 2006 the service was in over 200 pharmacies in Ireland. In 2010, through the purchase of another company which then became known as Touchstore Rx, they expanded into the dispensary management area.


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