Twitter: Fledgling takes Flight

In the early part of August we published an article entitled Twitter Grows Up: The Start Of A New, More Mature Era. Using data derived from research done by John Conroy and Josephine Griffith at NUI Galway it was determined that Twitter had moved from the rapid growth phase of its early beginnings to a much more mature and somewhat more predictable phase of steady growth.


Social Media Activism: Scientists Take to the Streets

Courtesy of ShaneMcC

Where Twitter really works is when people are on the ground witnessing events and sending out real-time texts and pictures. On Twitter it requires the physical presence of observers to make the news come alive and have meaning. Twitter coverage which is no more than the retweeting of the already processed news stream lacks immediacy, scope and depth.


Blaine Cook Introduces Us To Webfinger

Blaine Cook was in charge of building Twitter for the first couple of years of its existence before moving on to pastures new. At the moment, he is working with Osmosoft which is the open source innovation arm of BT. Last month, he came to Galway, Ireland to speak at BlogTalk 2010 about another one of his current projects, Webfinger.


Maureen Evans Talks About Her New Book "Eat Tweet: A Twitter Cookbook"

Maureen Evans is the author of “Eat Tweet: A Twitter Cookbook." It contains over a thousand recipes and each one conforms to the 140-character limit that users on Twitter are limited to when writing their tweets. The book evolved from her Twitter stream @cookbook and it is the opposite of any kind of contrived gimmick. Maureen is a poet and this work is a work of poetry: poetry from which a fine meal or a quick snack can be derived.

She has always been interested in food. While living in San Francisco and having access to all of the fine California produce at the Farmer’s Market, she became inspired to write the original tweets.


Flipboard: A Quick Demonstration

Click on image to view video.


How To Influence On Twitter: Research Results from New Algorithm Give Guidance

Recent work done at HP Labs, the exploratory and research group for Hewlett Packard, shows what most of us suspected as being true all all along; that just because a person has a lot of followers, it doesn’t mean they have a lot of influence.

In September 2009, using an algorithm they devised called the IP (Influence/Passivity) algorithm, a team of researchers from HP Labs continuously queried the Twitter Search API for 300 straight hours for all tweets containing the string of letters 'http'. Finding this string in a tweet would indicate the presence of a URL, and demonstrate that a web page was being shared or retweeted by means of a link.


Twitter Grows Up: The Start of a New, More Mature Era

Number of Twitter posts per day, and projected growth.

It seems that Twitter has grown up. From work undertaken to determine the growth rate of Twitter at the Discipline of Information of Technology which is part of the National University of Ireland, Galway, it appears that Twitter is now growing at a constant rate. It’s growth is no longer dramatically and somewhat erratically determined by early adopters and the subsequent wave of trend followers.

This constant rate of growth reflects Twitter's now established role as a social tool and people are joining this online social network when and as they find it useful.


Who's "Most Tweeted" In The Irish Twitterverse?

The Irish Twitter users who received the most replies from other Irish users during the study.

A research project by John Conroy, a Masters student supervised by Josephine Griffith at NUI Galway, has gathered some interesting statistics on Twitter usage and the most tweeted users in Ireland (during February / March 2010).


What If Your Car Could Tweet (Twitter Annotations)

I was preparing some slides for a talk this evening on the Social Semantic Web, and with recent announcements from Facebook regarding the Open Graph API and also from Twitter about their Annotations extension, I added some more content to a previous slideset to reflect some of these emerging topics.


Seesmic pre-alpha release

20071122a.png (Sorry f

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