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No Monolithic Social Media Solution

In this rather quiet inter holiday week while preparing for our last Technology Voice newsletter of the year I have been reflecting on my use of social media. More precisely, how social media, has perhaps, been using me.


San Jose Declares June 30 Social Media Day

Originally Technology Voice was called Technology Voice. We changed the title because we discovered that as we were writing about the wider tech scene we felt that the title was no longer a fair reflection of our subject matter.


San Jose Social Media Day, June 30

June 30 is Social Media Day at the Irish Innovation Center in San Jose, California.

At 4pm there will be a live global linkup across the internet.


NFC: Using your Mobile to Make Natural Connections

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a form of wireless technology that allows users to receive or share information at short ranges of typically 4cm or less. NFC devices can also communicate with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. It is a technology that has been developed especially to work with mobile phones.

The development of NFC-enabled mobile phones such as the Google Nexus S, has led to the possibility of using a phone as a digital wallet for contactless payment such as that offered by Visa’s Paywave or the
London transport system’s Oyster Card.


Crowdgather: The Importance of Forums on the Internet

Sanjay Sabnani is the chairman and CEO of Crowdgather, a network made up of over 65,000 forums generating over 90 million page views per month and 4.5 million visitors a month.

Back around 2005 Sanjay looked at all the press in terms of valuation of user generated content sites and social networks and realized that forums seemed to have very valuable content, very strong ties between the members and really no love from the mainstream community. We asked him why he thought that might be?


Social Media Activism: Scientists Take to the Streets

Courtesy of ShaneMcC

Where Twitter really works is when people are on the ground witnessing events and sending out real-time texts and pictures. On Twitter it requires the physical presence of observers to make the news come alive and have meaning. Twitter coverage which is no more than the retweeting of the already processed news stream lacks immediacy, scope and depth.


Will Social Media Enable Humanity's Next Evolutionary Step?

The topic of evolution has sparked controversy since Charles Darwin proposed it in 1858. Even in the twenty-first century, some education boards are seeking to replace textbooks describing evolution with those positing Intelligent Design. But regardless of whether you believe in evolution by natural selection or not, most people believe that human beings exist in their final form, and that we are not subject to evolving or changing in a significant way. However, a number of thought leaders are challenging that idea, and social media may have a role in taking humanity to the next level.

The End of Humanity as We Know It


SMXQ - Susan Cloonan

Susan Cloonan lives in Clonmel, South Tipperary and attends the Tipperary Institute to study for a degree in Creative Multimedia. She does part-time volunteer work with the Civil Defence and is a Reserve Garda. She is interested in animal welfare and has recently started hosting her own show with Tipperary Hospital Radio.


Twitter Grows Up: The Start of a New, More Mature Era

Number of Twitter posts per day, and projected growth.

It seems that Twitter has grown up. From work undertaken to determine the growth rate of Twitter at the Discipline of Information of Technology which is part of the National University of Ireland, Galway, it appears that Twitter is now growing at a constant rate. It’s growth is no longer dramatically and somewhat erratically determined by early adopters and the subsequent wave of trend followers.

This constant rate of growth reflects Twitter's now established role as a social tool and people are joining this online social network when and as they find it useful.


Soundscape of Ireland - Audioboo, a Social Media Tool

Audioboo is a web and mobile application that enables you to record and publish audio segments directly to the web and straight into other social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook if you have enabled the connections.

In this debrief one our correspondents, Bernard Goldbach, shares his enthusiasm and his experiences with the application as an educational and Social Media tool.

You may want to listen to this compilation that he and Peter Donegan put together to get an idea of the breadth and depth of what is possible with the audiboo format. It is also a rather lovely soundscape of Ireland in 2010.


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