Peracton: A Smart Search for Investments

Trading in stocks and financial markets can be a complicated process. A cursory glance at the news at any time over the last five years would tell you that even the so-called experts have a tendency to get it wrong more often than not.

Laurentiu Vasiliu, a researcher at the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), at NUI Galway, founded Peracton to help both individuals and corporate multinationals negotiate the complicated and volatile stock markets.

Laurentiu was not initially motivated by any desire to enter the financial sector, though. Rather, he was led to the markets by his team at DERI’s research, which lent itself particularly well to the complexity of financial investing.


Sindice: New Approach to Online Data Management

Sindice is a semantic web index, which allows you to access and leverage the “web of data”, which is the rapidly expanding number of websites which are semantically marked up, that is tagged with RDF, RDFa, Microformats or Microdata, tags which can be used to identify online content as belonging to different categories.

This week Sindice, in partnership with Hepp Research and Openlink Software, launched Sindice Ltd, a new startup which will manage Sindice’s intellectual property, and oversee the commercial drive of its products.


The Internet Becomes The Interdata: Interview With Stefan Decker

Stefan Decker is the director of the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). One of its key funders is Science Foundation Ireland. It is based in NUI Galway, Galway, Ireland, and with a staff of over 130, it is the largest web research institute on the planet.


Videos From BlogTalk 2010 Available For Viewing

Click on image to access videos.

The videos from last week’s BlogTalk 2010 are now available for viewing at DERI, NUI Galway’s vimeo site.

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