GruUpy: The Purchasing Power of Community is an online retail company with a difference. They sell a different electronic product every day, and that’s only if a minimum quota of people buy it. The idea is that buyers become part of a community, and their combined buying power allows Gruupy to buy these gadgets cheaper, and pass these savings on to the consumer.


Crowdgather: The Importance of Forums on the Internet

Sanjay Sabnani is the chairman and CEO of Crowdgather, a network made up of over 65,000 forums generating over 90 million page views per month and 4.5 million visitors a month.

Back around 2005 Sanjay looked at all the press in terms of valuation of user generated content sites and social networks and realized that forums seemed to have very valuable content, very strong ties between the members and really no love from the mainstream community. We asked him why he thought that might be?


Arduino: A Big Revolution in a Small Package

Having shipped over a 120,000 boards since their inception in Italy in 2005, Arduino microprocessors are becoming increasingly popular beyond the usual circle of tech heads and dedicated do-it-yourselfers. To help me find out why this may be I talked to Darren Tighe, who is currently working on his own Arduino projects.


Social Bits Joins us to Help Expand our Community

We are pleased to share with you the news that we will be working with Social Bits a Galway based Social Media technology company. We will be working together to expand the online presence of on the various social networking platforms.

As our output of articles grows we have concluded that it is time to bring in some dedicated expertise. We know from our own behind the scenes measurements that the most effective way to use social media is by making practical use of the results from the monitoring and analysis of our data.

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